Freedom. Family. Fiscal.

In having conversations with the people I hope to serve as representative, I have worked to have a firm and clear conviction on what I represent. I’ve also realized it helps to be able to distill things down into a set of words that can encompass my positions.

So today is the announcement of those focus areas:

  • Freedom

Freedom for businesses to operate, create jobs, and grow our economy.

Freedom for responsible people to own the firearms they choose.

Freedom to purchase insurance and other items that you choose.

Freedom for agriculture and the use of our environment to serve mankind.

  • Family

Strong public education and educational choices for responsible parents.

Steadfast in the traditional definition of marriage and protecting religious freedom.

Insistent in preserving life of all ages from conception to the elderly.

  • Fiscal

We must only spend what we have: no debts and no deficits.

Everyone should participate in taxes.

Smaller government puts less tax burden on the people.

America needs energy independence in an environmentally responsible way.

Welfare that helps people in temporary/short-term need, not generates dependency.

I want to be your Representative

Over the years I have been corrected (and have corrected others) that we do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Representative Democracy. As such we-the-people do not vote on every issue, but we ask someone to represent our views at different levels of government.

In the last week, someone  told me they are glad for the freedom to choose to not wear a motorcycle helmet. Within 24 hours someone else told me they thought it was horrible that people are allowed to not wear motorcycle helmets. And I am intended to represent both people!

One of the most impactful comments soon after my entry in the race was confirmed was this: “The world needs more people like him in authority. (Even if my politics are wildly different from his.) hmmm, an honest politician. Is the world really ready for that?”

So is PA State House District 3 ready for this? Are they ready for someone who wants to be straightforward and honest? Is that the Representative you want?

Worth the effort

As I’ve worked to put together this campaign, I have mulled the question of “is it worth the effort?”. The political process is similar to capitalism in that many resources are expended and yet the outcome is that some will win and some will lose.

But, I’ve realized that there is no wasted effort when it comes to pursuing the dialog of ideas that make our nation strong. Each sign that establishes my candidacy, each volunteer that has a conversation with a constituent, anything printing run that is read by a single person…all those things allow a positive dialog about a strong set of ideas that are consistently worth the effort.

No matter what happens in the campaign, each dollar spent, each hour invested: it will be worth the effort. I thank everyone who has helped spark this campaign, and for all the incredible effort yet to come.