Thinking through the “re-purchase”

There are many factors to what stocks I would select, but not quite as many for a fund. The fund needs to have a meaningful dividend in most cases, or be an exceptional value because the sector is overly-beaten down (fortunately I didn’t do a lot with processed foods…there are sectors that are beaten downContinue reading “Thinking through the “re-purchase””

The best stock market investment

That should be an interesting enough title to allow me to do one of my “background” items on my evolved investment ideas over the last couple decades. Very early in my consideration of how to invest I got advice similar to the following (thank you to someone who commented on my last post): For mostContinue reading “The best stock market investment”

Is it not about the sale but the repurchase

I’ve got a specific investment management strategy that I like, but it has a gap: what happens in continued “updraft” times like we’ve been having for the past 6 months (and more). I had formulated last year an approach of using “market sector” EFTs and applying the same individual stock picking principles and then havingContinue reading “Is it not about the sale but the repurchase”

Response to Barry Dain Steinhagen on Keystone XL

This morning on Erie Talk in the Morning on AM 1400 (, Barry took a call from someone who said the most recent pipeline leak in a lake was additional validation that the Keystone XL pipeline should not be built. Following that call someone attempted to use sarcasm to indicate we should regress and notContinue reading “Response to Barry Dain Steinhagen on Keystone XL”

The only place to start: foundational principles

I get a little anxious when someone interjects into a discussion that either the “constitution says” or the “founders intended.” While there is a broad set of things that are clear in the constitution, and many things that the founders did intend, if something is being discussed then it’s likely that the clear application ofContinue reading “The only place to start: foundational principles”

Service to those who wrote a blank check for our country

Recently I had the enjoyable opportunity to participate with my family in packing boxes for Project Support Our Troops (see my earlier press release for further information). While packing boxes I realized it was very important to actively participate in service activities. It is easy to talk about support, but when you actually take theContinue reading “Service to those who wrote a blank check for our country”

Pro business, anti corporate welfare, welfare is not “standard” deductions

At an event recently a Democrat in the area said that the economy is driven not by business but by the coin people have jingling in their pockets. It’s an attractive narrative that avoids recognizing that the coin in someone’s pockets gets there from having a job. We must have¬†businesses to organize the production ofContinue reading “Pro business, anti corporate welfare, welfare is not “standard” deductions”

Press Release: Former State Representative John Hornaman Endorses Luke Lofgren

Committee to Elect Luke Lofgren P. O. Box 8964 Erie, PA 16505 Contact: Luke Lofgren FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 16, 2014 Former State Representative John Hornaman Endorses Luke Lofgren Today the campaign to elect Luke Lofgren as Pennsylvania House Representative for the Third District¬†announces that former Representative John Hornaman and his wife JoAnn are endorsingContinue reading “Press Release: Former State Representative John Hornaman Endorses Luke Lofgren”