Service to those who wrote a blank check for our country

Recently I had the enjoyable opportunity to participate with my family in packing boxes for Project Support Our Troops (see my earlier press release for further information).

2014-10-27 Project Support Our Troops

While packing boxes I realized it was very important to actively participate in service activities. It is easy to talk about support, but when you actually take the time to serve it does something to you. It’s like the transformation my supporters observed after I took the time to talk to thousands of people while walking neighborhoods. Giving of oneself changes you.


My son’s Observation flight as part of Civil Air Patrol was cancelled Saturday. Fortunately, four other cadets were able to get their flights in before the weather changed. I’m very grateful that I’m able to help my son have those experiences. The picture is from his first and only flight earlier in the summer.


The thing I have not experienced, and must continually remain respectful and in awe of, is the commitment people make when they join our armed services. They are committing to their country to make the ultimate sacrifice if needed, to preserve our freedoms. No act of service I give will ever measure up to that.

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