Press Release: Former State Representative John Hornaman Endorses Luke Lofgren

Lofgren Family with John and JoAnn Hornaman
Lofgren Family with John and JoAnn Hornaman

Committee to Elect Luke Lofgren
P. O. Box 8964
Erie, PA 16505

Luke Lofgren


October 16, 2014

Former State Representative John Hornaman Endorses Luke Lofgren

Today the campaign to elect Luke Lofgren as Pennsylvania House Representative for the Third District announces that former Representative John Hornaman and his wife JoAnn are endorsing Luke as their choice for the 2014 election. John Hornaman was elected as a Democrat three times for the Third District in 2006, 2008, and 2010.

Luke Lofgren is also happy to announce a commitment should his candidacy be successful. He will reinstate the collection of items for Project Support Our Troops. This would allow items to be dropped off at constituent offices for the Third District to be sent to our troops abroad. “Our young men and women are serving our country and deserve to have tangible expressions of our appreciation,” states Luke.

John and JoAnn Hornaman explain their endorsement of Luke Lofgren: “We believe that Luke Lofgren is a solid family man and will bring maturity, honesty, and responsibility back to the office of Pennsylvania Representative.” Additionally John states that, “having knocked on almost 10,000 doors in the district, Luke has shown that he is a hard worker who will listen to the residents and work to best serve their long-term interests.”

Luke Lofgren responds: “Thanks John for your support! It is an honor to receive your endorsement. It is a big responsibility to follow in your footsteps in serving in the Pennsylvania House. My wife and five children come with me to meet thousands of constituents. It is for my kids and future generations that I hope to serve the Third District.”

Luke Lofgren or John Hornaman are available for comment.

3 thoughts on “Press Release: Former State Representative John Hornaman Endorses Luke Lofgren

    1. Per our email conversation, you hail from the western part of the US. I’m glad we were able to agree that both parties have their challenges.

      I got John’s endorsement by not being “political”. He wants people in the office that are there to operate from the strength of their character and not kowtowing to whatever their financial supporters want. From that regard, my campaign has been lean on funds because I’m untested and have my own ideas (I won’t obligate myself to a special interest to get money).

      John recommends that I listen to people, and then make my own decision for the long term benefit of my constituents. His reputation is broad and positive in the district — precisely because that’s how he operated. I’m impressed that am in a district that had been represented by a man of character instead of a politician.

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